What is artificial intelligence ?? And it's Future

What is artificial intelligence ?? And it's Future

 Artificial intelligence (AI), is machine intelligence in that we program a machine to work on itself and take the decision on its own.

Artificial intelligence can be classified into three different types of systems:
  • Analytical
  • Human-inspired
  • Humanized artificial intelligence

  • AI
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So Where We find Artificial intelligence (AI)

At Present Artificial intelligence (AI), is getting involved in our daily use gadgets. To see how it's helping in your day to day activities you need to upgrade your self because it's coming in trend from a few years back. Write now capable to serve you from the time you woke up to the time you sleep.

Here's the small list where you can use Artificial intelligence (AI) incoming Future for sure.

1. Mobile Phones

Let's start our list with one of the most familiar names which many of us Know probably.
AI has contributed several new and useful features that have helped smartphones evolve artificially intelligent. Take a look at a few of AI smartphone features; these three types of AI smartphone features can be found commonly in smartphones today and are among the most integral to today's tech-powered lifestyle.

Voice Assistant

Voice Assistants like Samsung's Bixby, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa all use data to understand their users' voice commands and to perform a variety of tasks given by us orally.

Bixby's Voice Assistant:

 It comes with  Samsung smartphones. its Bixby Vision Artificial intelligence (AI) feature that uses image recognition to help you to get information about the objects and landmarks around you. Bixby users can use this vision feature simply by pointing their phone at a landmark or product to get information about it right.

Google Assistant:

 it is probably the most data-driven of all the voice assistants, as it can perform a variety of tasks with its Artificial intelligence (AIand personalize its responses based on your previous commands and other data like previous Google searches.

Alexa by Amazon:

Alexa has to do some work on a smartphone Voice Assistant but is still a pretty effective voice assistant and can let you control your smart-home devices even when you're not at home then still you make home punctual by scheduling everything in your home according to time with smart home devices. The Alexa app's  Artificial intelligence (AI)-Based interface can even adapt to your voice and vocabulary as you regularly use it and work According to you its best.


Thanks To AI  as it has allowed us to improve the quality of the photos in our smartphones. We used AI to take better low-light photos even with low noise, better selfies, and even to add many blur effects and do much more with it like adding artistic-looking special effects to existing photos as well.
One example of  Artificial intelligence (AIbeing used to enhance smartphone photos in Google's recent feature, which is Super Res Zoom, which can be found on the Pixel 3 smartphone. It allows users to digitally zoom in further while taking a photo by using an algorithm rather than a lens. Artificial intelligence (AI) has an algorithm that provides users with more detailed photos and also provides batter editing features as optional after taking images as well.


The second best example of an Artificial intelligence  (AIfacial recognition feature which is used in a smartphone-like in  iPhone X's Face ID, and as well as in android devices its  a security feature enabling users to unlock their phones using their face As Face ID and its possible because  it uses AI and machine learning algorithms to properly identify the faces owner trying to unlock their phones.

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2. Smart Cars

Self-driving cars are becoming a reality with each passing moment. From Google's self-driving car project to Tesla's "autopilot" feature, it won't be long before AI is a standard issue. In fact, some high-end vehicles come with AI parking systems already.

So they are Two Examples now You Can RElate It With Your Life And Fell AI.

Now We Talk About Scop of AI In Future:

To Be concluded The future Of AI Is Going TO be interesting. as at present, we grew very fast in the field of AI and The rate of Growth in increasing Day by day. So The future Is full Of AI we may see many automate things which can take decisions as a human can take. An AI is like giving A brain to Machine to make it capable to take decisions on its own. And at present we hear the news as well that robots are serving in hotels and robots are ging tickets in the cinema and robots are playing chess. like these, we get more interesting machines in the future which make humans life easier by reducing workloads. 
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