All about Display and its working ??

Display and its specification

Display term is more commonly used when we are talking about phones, tv, monitor but actually we are not aware of it .when we buy phone, tv or computer monitor we see some specification like display panel, screen size, resolution, refresh rate, display technology, PPI(pixel per inch).we should at least have a brief idea about it. 


CRT vs FLAT Panel
1. DISPLAY PANEL: The display panel mainly divided into two parts first is CRT and FLAT Panel here the CRT panel technology is become old and replaced by a flat panel display.
flat panel display divided into two types first is volatile and other is static, volatile need the pixel of the display will changed by electricity to retain there state   Static flat-panel displays rely on materials whose color states are bistable (e-book reader tablets from kindle, sony).

different sizes of screen

 2.  SCREEN SIZE: the screen size usually measured by the diagonal length of the screen,The size of a display is usually explained by the length of its diagonal, which is the distance between opposite corners(in inches).  when you by the high-resolution display but it has a big screen size at the same time then what happens, you can have a 6" mobile phone with a resolution of 1920  x 1080 and a 20" desktop monitor with the same resolution. since the resolution of both devices is exactly the same, they will be able to show, the will be able to show exactly the same image,it's just that the image on the computer screen will look much bigger because of the distance between the pixels is greater so now you can understand how it is.                                    


3. Refresh Rate:  The refresh rate indicates the number of times screen refresh its buffer or This is different from the measure of frame rate which means updating with new data. the refresh rate measures the similar data pixel that recreating the picture repeatedly


(both are not the same)

4. Frame Rate:   Frame rate (expressed in frame per second or fps) is the frequency(rate) at which consecutive images called frames to display on the screen. The terms apply equally to film and video camera, computer graphics, and motion capture systems. It is a measure of the new data feeds on the screen frame rate that may be called the frame frequency, and be expressed by hertz(Hz). 


There is also a second part in which the types of different displays are divided and distributed explains. So stay connected with us.


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