How to enable Dark Mode on any Android?

How to enable Dark Mode on any Android?

It's been a while now since the dark theme entered in our life or we can say in our mobile applications. Yes other than a fabulous UI, there are few more benefits of sticking with dark mode.

How to enable Dark Mode on any Android?
Dark Mode on Android Devices

Benefits of Dark Mode

Dark UI reduces a decent amount of blue light in comparison to light/white UI, which results in a bit less strain in eyes than usual. Light text on dark background decrements the number eye flickering, again which is pretty good for your eyes.
Well, enough for the health of eyes, Dark Mode is even good for battery life for your device if you
own a mobile phone with AMOLED or OLED display. The dark part of the screen on display consumes a slight less battery.  

How to enable Dark Mode?

It is one of the most eye-catchy features nowadays on almost all platforms. But unfortunately, Dark Mode is only available on Android Q, with no new of coming to Pie and older Android versions.
Sad it is, don't worry we got a super simple solution for making it work on Android Pie and older versions of Android. All we have to do is download Dark Mode app from Google Play Store and select Night Mode from three of the available options. That's it, it'll immediately turn all supported Google Apps dark, along with popular applications with dark theme option ie. Instagram.

Dark Mode
Dark Mode app by Julian Eggers
Dark Mode android
Step for activation of Dark Mode on older Android versions

If it doesn't work by chance at once, it will provide you a few simple steps to activate dark mode on your device, follow them. That's it, benefit!

Dark Mode  app by Julian Eggers
 If you have root access enabled your Android phone, then you can also Substratum Theme Engine to play with a lot of dark and material design themes.

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