c programming language

Introduction to C Programming language

c programming language
about c language

C Programming language was originally developed for implemented on the UNIX operating system on the DEC PDP-ll, by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 hence because of that Dennis Ritchie is known as the founder of the c language. and it's developed at bell laboratories of AT&T (American Telephone & Telegraph), located in the U.S.A.
It was developed to overcome the problems of old languages that are developed before its example: B, BCPL, etc.(learn c programming)

How to code with C programming:
  1. Structure of a C program:  In c programming language any program can be written in its specified structure only. Writing a C program in any other structure will lead to a Compilation Error. The above picture shows c programming language structure which has to be followed :

learn c programming
Structure of c program

The components of the above structure of the basic c program are:
  1. Header Files: The foremost component is the inclusion of the Header files in a C program. A header file is a file with extension .h which contains C functions declarations and macro definitions to be used in c programming.
    Some of C programming language Header files are as:
    • stddef.h – it Defines useful types and macros.
    • stdint.h – it Defines useful exact width and integer types.
    • stdio.h – it Defines useful core input and output functions.
    • stdlib.h – it Defines numeric conversion functions, pseudo-random network generator, memory allocation.
    • string.h – it Defines string handling functions.
    • math.h – it Defines common mathematical functions.
    Syntax to include a header file in C language programming : 


2.Main Method Declaration: The 2nd step of a C program is to declare its main() function. 
Syntax to Declare the main method/function:
void main(){statement1;....statement n;}
3.Variable Declaration: The 3rd part of the C program is variable declaration.  the variables that are used throughout the program or functions are declared here. Here is a note that in the C program, no variable can be used without being declared.  in a C program, the variables are to be declared before any operation in a function also.
Syntax for Variable Declaration:
void main(){    int a; //<data type> <variable name>..}
4.Body: The 4th part Body it is a function in the C program, it refers to the operations that are performed in the functions. meanwhile, in a layman language, it is code that is written inside a function.
int main(){    int a;
    printf("%d", a);..}
5.Return Statement: The 5th and last part in any C program is its return statement. it helps in returning the values from a function. it depends upon the return type of the function. For example, if the return type is void, then there will be no return statement. In any other case, there will be a return statement and the return value will be of the type of the specified return type defined in the return statement.
int main()


    int a;

    printf("%d", a);
    return 0;
List of programming languages that were developed before and after C language.

c programming
c language History

c Language is a very easy language and contains a history of all earlier languages. That's why many people say that C LANGUAGE is an father of all languages. and it's very easy to understand if you Start with its fundamentals its a Cup of Tea. please don't compare C language with the new languages. as new languages and terminals are developed in more readable formats and some of them are AI-based as well but... C language is the First foundation. from Which we have reached Todays MileStone.
If anyone has a clear concept of c Language from Basic then He/She will be a good programmer for the upcoming future. 
So what's the magic in it. here not the magic its concepts c Language and all older languages have basics and are bricks from which we have build today all languages. The concepts of classes and tokens etc. are come to form them on which today Java, python is working so to be a good programmer its recommended to first clear concepts of our respective Old and gold Programming languages to reach a good programers milestone.
Now Let's discuss something about Programing :

1: what is programming language means?
The only reason for learning a programming language is to communicate with the machine. We know that thing machine helps us to done complex operations. The machine understands only binary language we as a programmer can’t write a program in it because it is complex .so we use a programming language to communicate with the machine and that why you should perfect in any one programming language .we write a program that nearly in English so what the machine still can’t understand it. There is a predefined program we called it complier that helps to convert into binary. That’s why we learn programming language.

 2: why we are writing a program?
The programmer writes a program for the user. The user that can’t know about programming so the programmer makes an interface for the user that helps him to do a specific task.
With the help of programming languages mainly we make two types of app

1: standalone apps
2: web apps

1.Standalone application

1. Need To be installed
2. compatible with a single OS

2.Web application
1. No need to installed
2. independent to OS

Compilers are different according to different systems, which change your code in binary according to the system. In the system, it also looks in the differential extension like Windows contains .exe.

And Mac has .dmg
and Linux has .rpm etc.
platform-dependent language: it means the app must run in the same system or os,
Meaning that according to the compiler, binary code is created which is different from system to system, so we have coded in the program but due to the compiler, this system
becomes dependent, we will cover all this in the program cycle.

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