what is 5G ? About 5G in INDIA ? How 5G works all about it 2020

What is 5G?

5G is Fifit generation technology which provides wireless services to use data and run Live applications. it is fast because it uses millimeter waves to deliver networks on a gigahertz band which uses lower band and middle band to provide services. 5G is an investment for the next decade as it is zero legacy network and is 10 times faster than Existing 4G. 5G maximum download speed can reach up to 100 Gigabits/sec

all about 5G in INDIA and its working
All about 5G

How does 5g work? & Why 5G have weak indoor coverage?

5G uses Millimeter waves To deliver network. Now Visualize the above points to understand in a better way :
  1. 5G millimeter waves are very thin in size.
  2. Because of Thin size waves when any obstacles come in between the wave get weak.
  3. And hence weak coverage is Theirs.

Why True 5G work on a millimeter-wave only?

Well, 5G will also work on radio waves but it does not give a proper 5G experience. it only provides an upgraded experience of 4G or LTE-Advanced little bit speed will increase.

SO whats magic in millimeter waves?

Here comes Techniclity please try to understand properly. (recommendation: as you read try to imagine with it.)
  1. Right Now All the network Technology available is 2G/3G/4G/5G/upcoming.
  2. They all work on Two Things. First - Frequency And Second- Bandwidth.
  3. They both frequency and bandwidth work together. 
  4. where the frequency is waves that are transmitted from the base station.
  5. concept of frequency is that as it gets higher it got weaker. 
  6. on the other hand, bandwidth is the data caring capacity of that frequency. 
  7. You can say a bandwidth as a pipe that carries data in it. Example: As a pipe diameter is big it can transmit a good quantity of flow in it. at a time. 
  8. At present 2G/3G/4G works on Those frequencies in INDIA - 800mhz/900mhz/1800mhz/2100mhz/2300mhz/2500mhz
  • Band 5 - 800mhz (used by JIO, Hence its frequency is low so its waves can transmit from approx any obstacles and provides Good indoor coverage and have the ability to cover 70 to 75 Kilometers of the area).
  • Band 8- 900mhz(used by Airtel, Vodafone for 2G/4G, and BSNL use it for 2G)
  • Band 3- 1800mhz(used By Airtel for 2G/3G/4G, Vodafone for 3G/4G, BSNL 3G/4G, JIO for 4G)
  • Band 1- 2100mhz(used By Airtel for 3G/4G, Vodafone for 4G)
  • Band 40 - 2300mhz(used By JIO for 2G/3G/4G, Vodafone (MP) 4G, Airtel 4G)
  • Band 41- 2500mhz(this is premium freq used by Vodafone for 4G in all circles)

what is 5G ? About 5G in INDIA ? How 5G works all about it 2020
what is 5G 

 SO we cant enjoy 5G inside a home or in a deep area?

Here, The solution of it. in 5G we are going to use MI-VO technology with multiple small cells. which will combine to develop a 5G ecosystem.
In this technology, a small cell is planted in every corner so the reach of the network is robust this small cell is very small in size so it's easy to plant it on an electric pole on a small pipe as well and those small cell twoers contain multiple cells or BTS so it can handle a high number of uses and these cells are pointed on a focused location so that the reach of the network is good in indoors as well. and these cells are very power efficient as well.  so its all and all combination of a narrow-band and MIMO Technology.

On What Spectrum 5G will Launch In INDIA?

In INDIA according to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has recommended that spectrum be made available for 5G services in  3300 to 3400 MHz and 3425 to 3600 MHz bands.

Accuotions are on hold due to COVID-19 pandemic till the last quarter of 2020
getting delay from 2019 and still on hold.

Challenges in INDIA For Telecom Operators -

  1. All operators Excluding New Commer Reliance JIO Infocom have a huge due to AGR (Adjusted Gross Revenue). which some of operators paid and some still have to pay.
  2. All operators Excluding (New Commer Reliance JIO Infocom) have not upgraded regularly with new Technology so old operators still have old systems that need a Huge maintenance Cost.
  3. All Older operators are not ALL-IP network means they are still not a true DATA network. and in this part as well Reliance JIO is ahead of its a TRUE 4G all IP-Network and it's already Ready to Deploy 5G.
  4. After security Issues and Boycotting Chinse Product the chances of using the chinse equipment and mood of operators is all not to use it. (if in case it got ban in future).
  5. So all older operators after facing all ups and downs by price drops and AGR issues and upgrading all old infrastructure in a "4G capable " infrastructure. 
  6. At the time of 5G implementation, they don't have enough money to buy a spectrum and deploy it in pan India at the same time. Note: this is for older operators only.
  7. The story is Just Reverted if we Talk About Reliance JIO they are Ready to Launch 5G as the spectrum end as they have a future Ready Network. and Profitable then all other Operators.
  8. In India Tier 2 and Tier 3 Citys and the older city, 's have a densely populated area so they need to place more and more towers to provide and true 5G experience.
  9. As we told earlier all older operators are don't have deep pockets and still have huge dues on them. now you know the answer.
  10. Ericsson, a network equipment vendor based in Sweden, has said 5G service is likely to be available in India only from 2022 the Reasons We already mentioned Above.
  11. But we Have hopes with Reliance JIO as the said in a statement they are developing their own 5G technology and they also went to TRAI for taking permission to test it.
  12. After Reading this ist you think The Journey of 5G in Our INDIA gone more intrusting.
  13. its Really gone interesting and Proudly we have our Own 5G technology in upcoming days.

Till then stay Tuned with Tech-updates.in  🙏

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