TOP 10 IT Companies of India Which we use Indirectly But Don't Know About Them

This Article Will Help You to Get To Know More About Companys Which Are Not Famous By its Names But Indirectly We get served By them. The Companys Which are With Us from a very Long Some of us May Knows Their Names or Some of Us Don't Know.

This Article Will Help You to Get more About  "ATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT " because Here in This article you get to know about some amazing  INFORMATION technology Companys which are not famous by its names but which we use or get services of them indirectly and they are Bharatiya startups of their times. and some of them are upcoming big contributors to the IT sector of our INDIA.

10 Information Company


Cyient Limited (formerly Infotech Enterprises Limited). is a Hyderabad based engineering Focused company Founded in the Year 1991 By Mr.B.V.R Mohan Reddy. The Company started its business as an engineering services provider on a global market. it Encountered the strong resistant concept of outsourcing. and Cyient becomes Public LTD in the Year 1997 and had an IPO of Rs.20/- Per share. and get Listed on all stock exchanges by the year 1999. in the meanwhile, it acquired some US-based Engineering company and expanding its business year on year. 

At Present Cyient LTD. had 14762 Total number of Employes as per (2018) data and as per data it has Revenue Of Rs.4,069.4 crore (US$ 570 million)  as of Financial Year 2018)

The Cyient group companies are:

  1. Cyient, Inc
  2. Cyient Europe Ltd
  3. Cyient GmbH
  4. Cyient Ltd (Japan)
  5. Cyient Insights
  6. Cyient Singapore Pte Ltd
  7. Cyient Design Led Manufacturing
  8. Certon
  9. Blom Aerofilms 

Following Services are Provided By Cyient group :

  1. Aerospace & Defence
  2. Consumer
  4.  Energy
  5. Transportation
  6.  Communications
  7. Utilities
  8. Medical
  9. Navigation
  10.  Mining
  11. Oil & Gas
  12. Off-Highway
  13. Semiconductors


Datamatics is a Mumbai Based Information Technology Company which provides multiple services like Consultancy on Information Technology (IT), Data Management and Bussiness Process Management Services.
 The Datamatics is Founded In the year 1987 By Mr. Dr. Lalit.S.Kanodia. The company has 10,000+ number of Employees as per 2019 data. and its Revenue is ₹1,133.5 crore (US$160 million) as of the Financial year 2019.
The Company has a presence across America, Australia, Asia, and Europe. its main model of working is IT solutions and Outsourced works.

Datamatics Subcidarys are :

  1. Cybercom Datamatics Information Solutions Limited
  2. Lumina Datamatics Limited
  3. CIGNEX Datamatics Technologies Limited
  4. Datamatics Vista Info Systems Limited
  5. LDR eRetail Limited 
  6. LD Publishing & eRetail Limited 
  7. Datamatics Robotics Software Inc
  8. Datamatics Digital Ltd (formerly TechJini)
  9. Mumbai Metro Rail Project Automated Ticketing System

3.Intex Technologies

Intex Technologies is a Delhi BAsed IT Company Founded in the Year 1996 By Mr. Narendra Bansal. The Company Provides Computer Accessories, Spare parts, and Mobile Phones. The Company has 5000+ number of employees. and have revenue of ₹6,200 crores (US$870 million).

In the 2016 Intex Has its own IPL team franchise of Gujrat Lions. Intex Currently serving worldwide. and have a huge Product Chain. 

Intex Products are :

  1. Mobile Phones
  2. Smartphones
  3. Washing Machine
  4. Air Conditioner
  5. Coolers
  6. LED
  7. Televisions,
  8. Audio Equipment
  9. UPS
  10. Consumer Durables
  11. Webcams
  12. Security Cameras
  13. Refrigerators


Microland is a Bengaluru Based Information Technology Company Founded In the Year 1989 By Mr. Pradeep Kar. The Company has more Than 4,500 Number of Employees across all the World Wide Offices. it has Offices at:
  1.  Asia
  2.  Australia
  3.  Europe
  4.  Middle East
  5.  North America
The Services Provided By Microland services are :
  1. Digital Networks
  2. Digital Infrastructure 
  3. Digital Application
  4.  Digital Workplace
  5. IIoT Services
  6. Cybersecurity

5.Oswald Labs (formerly Oswald Foundation)

Oswald Labs (formerly Oswald Foundation) is an India and Natherlamd based Information Technology (IT) Company Which is Founded on 15 August 2016 in New Delhi By Mr. Anand Chowdhary, Mr.Nishant Gadihoke and Mr.Mahendra Raghuwanshi. 

Oswald Labs mainly provides software-based solution like APIs, Mobile application, Website Plugins
 and Mobile OS and much more visit Their Website By This Link To Know More About Them:

Their Products areas :
  1. Agastya (JavaScript library and plugin)
  2. Shravan (Mobile operating system)
  3. Valmiki (Browser extension)

6.Ramco Systems Limited

Ramco Systems Limited is a Chennai Based Information Technology Company Founded In 1992. its core Bussiness Is providing Software and IT-based services like Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Capital Management, Logistics and Aviation Maintenance & Engineering (M&E) and Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) software.

Ramco System Have Following Products :

  1. PR Venketrama Raja (Chairman)
  2. Virender Aggarwal (CEO)
  3. Aviation
  4. ERP
  5. HCM and Global Payroll
  6. Logistics

7.Sonata Software Limited 

Sonata Software Limited is a Global IT services Company Based  Headquarters in Bengaluru India.
Sonata LTD. Founded In the Year 1986 By Mr.P. Srikar Reddy (according to sources). IT Company Have Revenue of $422 million (2019) and have 4,200 Number of employees as of the Financial year 2019.
Sonata LTD Provides Services Like :
  1. provides services in mobility
  2. cloud
  3.  social media
  4.  testing
  5. enterprise services (ERP and CRM)
  6. and application development management (ADM)
  7. infrastructure management services business intelligence and analytics

8.STL - Sterlite Technologies Limited (Formerly Sterlite Tech)

STL - Sterlite Technologies Limited (Formerly Sterlite Tech) is Founded in the Year 1988 (32 Years Ago) By Shri Anil Agarwal. It's a Digital Technology Company and has Offices in India, China,  Europe, SEA, and MEA. It is listed on The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India. It is active in over 150 countries and has 358 patents. it has ₹50,870 million (US$710 million). and its headquarters are in Pune.

The STL is Focused on Networking Solution And Has specialization in Optical fiber and Cables Manufacturing and network deployments.

STL Have Following Products :

  1. Optical Fiber
  2. Fiber Optic Cables
  3. Structured Data Cables
  4.  Network Services
  5. Network Software

STL Provides Following Services :

  1. Optical Fibre Infrastructure
  2. Passive infrastructure
  3.  Access Networks, Metro
  4. FTTH
  5.  Wi-Fi
  6. IBS
  7.  Optics & MPLS Core Network
  8.  Enterprise Services
  9.  Fixed Broadband
  10. Security Services Managed Services
  11. Telecom Softwares


Tessolve is a Bengaluru Based Information Technology Company Founded In The Year 2004 By Shri P.Raja. It has 2000 Number of Employees as of Jan 2020. 

Tessolve is a Multinational SemiCoundutor ChipSet Solution Provider. Tessolve have expertise in the areas of Semiconductor IC Design, Test & Product Engineering, PCB design, Failure Analysis, and Systems design.

Tessolve have Following Product :

  1. TOTUS

Services Provided By Tessolve are:

  1. Test Engineering 
  2. DFT
  3. Test interface Boards
  4. VLSI circuit EDIT
  5. PCB Services
  6. IC Packaging and Assembly
  7. EDA/CAE Tools
  8. Signal Integrity
  9. Thermal analysis
  10. STPI Smart Lab
  11. Training Institute

10.Zensar Technologies Limited

Zensar Technologies Limited is a Pune Based Information Technology(IT) Company Founded In the Year 1991 By Mr. Harsh Goenka. Company Has 11,000+ Number of Employees and has US$566.9 million of Revenue as of Financial Year 2019. it's a Global Company serving 20 Global Locations.

Services Provided By Zensar are:

  1. Digital supply chain
  2. Artificial intelligence
  3. Cloud infrastructure
  4. Data management
  5. Enterprise applications

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