How to start blogging ? All about it.

Are You also interested in blogging then you are on the correct article? In today's era sharing experiences knowledge is easiest with blogging and it's going to be more popular day by day. and to start a blogging journey we need to take care of some points which will help to grow faster and make our blogging journey much easier. so here in this article, we are going to give a bit of information about starting a blog. we decided to deliver it in several points steps. so it becomes easier to start upon.


In this article, we are going to talk about :

1.Which Platform is best to start our blogging journey.

The Answer is Both Blogger and WordPress Platform is best at their own levels. so below we compare both of them you will get your answer.

 Note: choosing either Blogger or WordPress does not impact traffic or any other results directly but indirectly it Impacts it. 



In blogger, we don't have to Purchase Hosting Only we have to connect a Domain to our Blogger. Domain price depends upon your type of domain but approx its around Rs.1,000 approx per year.

We have to purchase web hosting to work with WordPress. this puts an additional cost of Rs.1,500-Rs.2,000 to our budget if we add this cost with the domain it goes around Rs.3,000 approx/ per year.

Blogger Provides a Free SSL certificate. This is a security certificate is mandatory to gain trust and much more. (Ex: it's easy for a website SSL Certified website to get Adsence approval.)

Some hosting provides free SSL certificate but some not if you cant get a deal with an SSL certificate then you again have to spend Rs.100-500 on that. which will again increase the cost.

We cant use Prebuild plugins in Blogger. but we can use our own Javascript codes to complete the desired task. but It's time-consuming.

We can use prebuild plugins and we can directly install from our control panel without any hustle. Note: Many Plugins are free. or freemium but some of them again cost some money.

There is less automation in blogger. very few little automation tasks can be done here.

Because WordPress supports plugins here it provides automation of many work which will indirectly reduce your time on researchers and somehow also helps to rank faster.



2.How to set up a Blogging site on the desired blogging platform.

3.Which theme is best to go with on desired platforms.

4.How to choose a perfect niche.

5.How to make desired pages (like sitemap, T & C page, etc.)for monetary (Ex: Adsense approval).

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